Dr. Chenji . Venkatrayulu
Assistant Professor
+91 9963255325


Educational Qualifications:
M.Sc. in Aquaculture
PhD, in Fishery Science & Aquaculture
PGD.FSA; Post Graduate Dip. In Fishery Science & Aquaculture
Areas of Research Specialization:
Marine Biotechnology
Coastal Aquaculture
Post Doctoral/ Teaching / Research Experience:
8 years of teaching and research experience at University level
Subjects Taught :
Biological Oceanography
Marine Fisheries
Ocean Management
Coastal Aquaculture,
Honors and Awards:
Junior Scientist of the Year Award, 2006
Young Scientist Award, 2004
Number of Publications :
International : 02
National       : 06
Number of Conferences/Symposia/Workshops Attended:
International : 04
National       : 16
Workshops  : 05
Memberships with the Professional Scientific bodies:
Member, European Society of Marine Biotechnology (ESMB)
Life Member, Aquaculture Foundation of India (AFI)
Life Member, Ethological Society of India (ESI)
Life Member, Indian Society of Comparative Animal Physiology (ISCAP)
Member, Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA).
Life Member, National Environmental Science Academy (NESA).
Other Positions held :
Executive Council Member, Ethological Society of India (ESI) ( 2002 - 2005 )
Assistant Technical Manager , Sarath Sea Foods Industries Ltd,
(SSF(2000 – 2002))
Junior Research Fellow, UGC- MRP (2002– 2004).
Academic Consultant(Teaching Assistant) in Dept. of Fishery Science & Aquaculture Sri Venkateswara University , Tirupati.(from 2004 – 2008)
Academic Consultant (Teaching Assistant) in Dept. of Marine Biology,Vikrama Simhapuri University,Nellore . (from 2008 – 2009 )
List of Important Publications:
Ch. Venkatrayulu, M. Komali, L. V. K. S. Bhaskar, V. Kalarani and D. C. Reddy (2005) Hepatogonadal changes in the female fresh water field crab Oziotelphusa senex senxe (fabricius) in response to cadmium toxicity,Proc. A. P. Akademi of Sci, Vol. 9 (1) 29-34.
M. Komali,V.Kalarani,Ch.Venkatrayulu and D. Chandra Sekhara Reddy (2005) Hyperglycemic effects of 5 – hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) in the fresh water prawn,Macrobrachium malcolmsoniiJ. Exp. Zool. 303 A:448-455.
Ch.Venkatrayulu, V. Kalarani,D.C.Reddy (2009) Commercial Probiotics as controlling agents of bacterial micro flora in semi intensive shrimp culture ponds.Asian journal of environmental Science, June-November,Vol. 4No. 1 :86-91.
Ch.Venkatrayulu, V. Kalarani, D.C.Reddy (2009) Influence of Commercial probiotics on Vibrio bacterial load and total yields in shrimp ( Penaeus monodon )culture ponds.Asian journal of Animal Sciences.,Vol; 4, Issue 1: 117-122.
Ch. Venkatrayulu V. Kalarani, D. C. Reddy and R. Ramamurthi (2009) Bio-Adsorption of copper (II) by aquatic plants. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences,Vol. 4,Issue 1: 82-85.
V.Kalarani, V. SriDevi, V.Sumathi, Ch.Venkatrayulu and D.C. Reddy (2009) Identification of morphometric and molecular markers in male and female zebra fish Danio rerio (Albino) . the Bioscan 4 (2) :221-226.