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   Several research projects have been operated, financed by various organizations like CSIR, ICSSR, UGC, DBT etc,. Ph.Ds. (160) and M.Phils (300) have been awarded in many research fields of current importance. Research has also been carried out in collaboration with national institutions and also some govt. sector organizations. Consultancy with some national and private organizations also has been the salient feature of departments like Zoology, Bio Technology, Microbiology etc., More than 35 books and 700 research articles in national and internationally reputed journals and 15 national seminars have been the distinct contribution by the faculty of the PG Centre. More than one crore rupees have been sanctioned towards research and development facilities during the recent Five Plans

Name of the Investigator Title of the Project & Duration Amount( Lakhs) Funding Agency
Prof. D. Himachalam Power sector in Andhra Pradesh - A Study of operational and distribution efficiency(2001 - 2004) 2.78 UGC
Prof. D. Himachalam Evaluation study of the impact of scheme of Post-Metric Scholarship to Scheduled Caste students in Andhra Pradesh (2002 - 2005) 1.50 Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt. of India
Prof. M. Srinivasulu Reddy Studies on the Evaluation of Nutritional Requirements for freshwater prawn Macrobrachium species for maintenance and growth (2002 - 2005) 5.00 UGC
Prof. Y.C. Ratnakaram Mixed Alkali effect in Borate Glasses Spectroscopic investigations - Study of absorption and fluorescence of rare earth doped mixed alkali Borate Glasses (2002 - 2005) 3.27 UGC
Prof. M. Chandraiah Impact of reforms on the performance of regional rural banks: A. Study in Andhra Pradesh (2003 - 2006) 2.78 UGC
Prof. M. Srinivasulu Reddy Elucidation effect of Ecosanoids in the Regulation of Molt and Reproduction in selected edible Crustaceans(2005 - 2008) 8.00 CSIR
Prof. M. Srinivasulu Reddy Studies on the Elucidation of functions of Sequiterpenoid Methylfarnesoate on Regulation of Molt and Reproduction in Prawns (2007 - 2010) 9.00 UGC
Prof. Y.C. Ratnakaram Characterization and laser analysis of rare earth doped glasses - Spectroscopic investigations on optical absorption and fluorescence of rare earth doped Glasses (2007 - 2010) 7.77 UGC
Dr. J. Pramoda Kumari Proteomics of Eschrecia coli grown under heavy metal stress (2008-11) 7.00 UGC
Dr. C. Basavaiah Rural Development: The Role of Government and the private sector 7.50 UGC
Dr. K. Jayachandra Reddy Impact of Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP) on the Economic Empowerment of Agriculture - A Study of Chittoor and Ananthapur Districts, Andhra Pradesh 3.80 ICSSR
Dr. C. Changamma Enzymes as monitors for assessment of male antifertility effects of papaya seed extraction (2008-11) 7.00 UGC